Missions of the laboratory

  • GANIL – Grand Accélérateur National d’Ions lourds – i.e. Large National Heavy-Ion Accelerator – is one of the Large-Scale Infrastruture available for french, european and international research. GANIL is one of the largest laboratories in the world for research using ion beams: physics of the atom and its nucleus, condensed matter, astrophysics, radiotherapy. In this context, the CIMAP and LARIA laboratories, situated on GANIL site (partially for the CIMPA laboratory) have an essential role.
  • GANIL is a host laboratory for a large community of users, 700 scientists from more than 100 laboratories and institutions come each year.


Nuclear Fundamental Research:

• Structure and thermodynamic properties and reaction mechanisms of atomic nuclei.
• Evolution towards “exotic” nuclei – those furthest from stability.
• Nuclear astrophysics, fundamental properties of the nuclear forces.

Interdisciplinary Research:

• Atomic physics.
• Condensed-matter physics.
• Radiochemistry.
• Radiobiology.
• Production of medical radioisotopes.

Applied Research with GANIL beams:

• Irradiation of materials.
• Radiation resistance studies of electronic systems.
• Applications of track etching in polymers.

Technology Transfer:

• Founding member of Normandie Incubation.
• Patenting and licensing for ion sources
• Technologies to be transferred: beam profi le monitors


• training courses
• workshops
• expertises : accelerator technologies, detectors

KEY DATA (2016)

• Staff: 250 permanent staff (physicists, engineers, technicians, administrative, etc.)

• Users: 700 researchers from more than 100 laboratories and institutions from 30 countries

• Beam: More than 10 000 hours/year (3-4 experiments can be performed in parallel)

• Scientific Production: 2700 publications, 200 theses awarded, 30 scientifi c prizes, organization of 20 international conferences

Developmental projects:

2 EQUIPEX, 1, ERC, 6 ANR since 2007 – Coordination of large developmental european programs:
EURISOL, ENSAR – 11 MoU (Memorandum of Understanding), 6 LIA (Laboratoire
International Associé) ongoing 
• Recognized as a Large-Scale European Research Infrastructure since 1995.
• 2000 visitors per year

France Hadron and Archade programs: holder for biological cell flasks ©CEA/Stroppa

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Ion source PK GANESA developed In collaboration between GANIL and PANTECHNIK

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Phone: +33 2 31 45 45 26
mail: moscatello@ganil.fr

Myriam GRAR
Phone: +33 2 31 45 45 24
mail: grar@ganil.fr


Bd Henri Becquerel
BP 55027
14076 CAEN Cedex 05 - France