NuPIA is a transversal network activity meant to reinforce the partnership of Nuclear Infrastructures and Institutions with Industry and to promote the use of Nuclear Physics Infrastructures by industrial researchers.
NuPIA is a link between innovation officers of the institutions, research groups . Our team serves as a platform for cooperation and the exchange of knowledge, technology between laboratories, business and public institution.
Marie-Hélène Moscatello Di Giacomo has a nuclear physics and engineering school diploma, and is specialised in accelerator physics, design, projects and operation. She is currently employed at the Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives, and working at the Grand Accelerateur National d’Ions Lourds (GANIL) in CAEN – France.
She has been involved in the hadrontherapy project ARCHADE for several years, this research and therapy center is under construction in CAEN.
She was involved these last years in the safety activities of the laboratory, and was Assistant Director for Safety, Security, Radioprotection for GANIL and SPIRAL2 project.
She is currently responsible for Applications with GANIL beams, Technology Transfer and Industrial Partnerships.
She is a member of various scientific program committees for international accelerator conferences, and a consultant for private companies, in the accelerator development domain, and in particular for the cyclotron technology developments.
From March 2016, she has been in charge of the NUPIA Workpackage in the frame of the ENSAR2 european project.
In her private life, she likes playing piano, and she is involved in projects about new education methods for young people.
Moscatello Di Giacomo

 Leader of NUPIA


Deputy Leader of task "Bridging and Dissemination"

Dr Tomasz Krawczyk

Deputy Leader of NUPIA


Leader of task "Bridging and Dissemination"

Doctor of Economics, specializing in the management of research projects, financial econometrics, capital markets, risk modeling in investment projects. Currently he employed at the Faculty of Economic Sciences. Certificate holder of the European Foundation Certificate in Banking.
He is a consultant of  Enterprise Europe Network Central Poland. He is responsible for access to foreign markets, evaluation of analytical valuation of intangible assets, business analysis and financial statements together with the risk assessment, support in the area of internationalization of business and product innovation.
He provides lectures, courses, workshops about econometrics applications in capital markets, modeling of investment risk in innovative projects, methods of statistics and Monte Carlo simulation, investment in technology companies on the capital markets.
Author of the books: “Modelling of investment risk – practical applications using the Excel spreadsheet program and GRETL”, “Monte Carlo method in the investment process”, “Risk analysis and management in corporate finance using Excel spreadsheet.”
From March 2016 serves as Vice-work package in the area of cooperation with industry as part of the European Nuclear Science and Applications Research 2.
Privately passionate civil and military aviation. In his free time he likes biking and hiking with his dog Jack Russell Terrier.
Dr Catherine Scholey

Leader of task "Training in nuclear techniques: Schools for employees of industrial companies"

Dr Catherine Scholey gained her Ph.D in Experimental Nuclear Physics in 2002 from the University of Liverpool, UK and since then has been working at the University of Jyväsklylä, Finland.

Her main of area of research is the Nuclear Structure and Decay Spectroscopy of the most proton rich nuclei.

These nuclei are produced using accelerated heavy-ion beams and thin metallic targets. The nuclei and their decays are identified using recoil separators and state-of-the-art charged particle and gamma-ray detector arrays. She is one of the main responsible people for the detector systems and separators.

She supervisors M.Sc and Ph.D students and also teaches Vacuum Techniques as well as supervising practical parts of advanced courses.
In her spare time she likes to nordic walk, run and ski, but most of all enjoys playing with her children.
Dr Monika Paluch-Ferszt

Research & Development Expert

Dr Monika Paluch-Ferszt gained her Ph.D in Nuclear Physics in 2017 from
the University of Silesia in Katowice (Poland) and since then has been
working at the Heavy Ion Laboratory, University of Warsaw (Poland).

Her main of area of research is the application of nuclear physics in
medicine (specifically dosimetry of ionizing radiation) and molecular
effect in semiconductors and other materials under heavy-ion bombardment.

She gained experience in medical physics in many hospitals: Department of
radiotherapy planning, Centre of Oncology, Gliwice Branch, Poland;
Independent Public Clinical Hospital. A. Mielęckiego Medical
University of Silesia in Katowice, Poland,
Radiotherapy Department, Katowice Oncology Center, Katowice, Poland

In her spare time she likes to to travel and photograph. She is a
plane-spotter and likes to sport shooting.

Myriam Grar

Communication Officer of NuPIA/ENSAR2

Myriam Grar has a Masters degree in Communication and Media from ISCOM Lyon (France). 

From 2011 to 2015, Myriam Grar worked as a project manager in a communication agency in Lyon. She set up communication strategies and tools for public bodies and private clients, mainly in cultural, technical and scientific fields. 

In 2015, she joined GANIL as the communication officer of the laboratory. As such, she set up the communication strategy for the laboratory: definition of the communication goals, audiences, key messages and tools. The tools she implements aim general public, institutional and private partners, users and media. She writes and creates numerous communication tools (websites, leaflets, posters, exhibitions, reports…) while adapting the message to each audience. She closely works with partners to diffuse news about GANIL to its different audiences. She takes part of the local organizing committees for workshops, conferences and seminars organized by GANIL. 

In her free time she likes spending time on interior decoration blogs and taking care of her plants. She is interested in environnement issues and new ways of consumption.

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